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Introduction to Coffee2u

RoastCoffee2u Sdn Bhd is a South East Asia Coffee Solution Company.  Established in Malaysia in 2009.

We provide: 

  • wide-range of fresh roast coffee beans
  • coffee brewing gears: gooseneck kettle, v60, french press, and fully automatic coffee machine
  • onsite maintenance and repair

We are committed to supplying value-for-money on our coffee solution all coffee lovers in Malaysia and Singapore

Our automatic coffee machine supplied by RoastCoffee2u is Jura Swiss-made and home brand with award-winning European designed.

Our vision is to bring fresh roast coffee and great value of brewing solution to every home and office

Jura Coffee Machine

Jura Coffee machines are associated with the best coffee result, the simplest operation, and stunning design.

JURA coffee machines are self-explanatory, easy and intuitive to use. To name just one example, the filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology. The machine automatically recognizes the filter and selects the appropriate settings, hence Jura coffee machine is an ideal coffee machine for office and home.

Home Brand Award-winning Coffee Machine

RoastCoffee2u home-brand Coffee System, Gihon, simple to use coffee machines to meet the unique needs of your expectation.

excellent for a stylish home, SOHO, and small coffee; Every machine is equipped with coffee machine milk container the help make Latte and cappuccino with a simple touch.

Our Story

Our team

Our Technician

A 4 year experienced technician in the field of repairing and troubleshooting method of our coffee machine products and we guarantee the optimal product quality for our customers.

Our Administrator

We provide an orderly and ethical administrative quality between us and our customers, to ensure continued satisfaction and continued support for our products and sales products.

Our Sales Person

Our sales persons are among those who are experienced in handling effective and satisfactory sales methods in terms of information on products and quality, so that they are in line with the needs of the buyers and thus provide prolonged service satisfaction.